Our 7th Blessing....Waiting in China!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Emma's A Smith!!!

Monday morning, in Zhengzhou China, I watched a brave, beautiful little girl walk through the doors of the Civil Affairs office. There are no words that can describe that moment that you meet your precious new child for the first time...but God is so very good. And how humbled I feel to know He had this planned before time began. She is so cute, so smart and so funny. And is a perfect fit for our crazy crew!
As of Tuesday morning she is officially a Smith!
Today we drove over four hours round trip to visit Emme's orphanage and Maria's Big House of Hope.
We also stopped at Emma's finding spot which was in front of a hospital.
Touring the orphanage was one of the hardest things I have ever done. It is so hard to not break down when you see so many beautiful children that need the love of a family. The nannies were happy to see Emme, but there is no hope there. And no place for any child to live. We did see a room with children who had different neurological problems and one clearly had Autism. I will share more later, but right now my heart is so heavy for these kids. There is such a need for families to step out in Faith and open their homes and hearts to a precious child. They just need the love of a family.
Our last stop of the day was Maria's Big House of Hope. The moment you walk through those front doors you can feel hope and God's presence in that building. It was such a gift for me to see where our girl spent part of her life. The children are so very loved there. If you are not familiar with Maria's Big House of Hope you can visit www.showhope.org for more information on the life changing work they do in orphan care. And it is life changing. I am so very grateful to the staff and nannies at MBHOH. And grateful to all of those who support MBHOH. It was such a priviledge for me meet those sweet kiddos I've been praying for.
I will share a few pics and post more tomorrow. I did find my camera cord last night...in the bottom of my dirty clothes bag (which is where all camera cords go)
I am missing my family back home so very much!!


  1. OH I"M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! She is beautiful!!! I'm so glad you got to see the places she lived before.. It is so eye opening!!! She is where she is meant to be!! Please post more pics of that sweet girl!! Love the ones of you too!!

  2. Tears of joy to finally see that girl in her Mama's arms! Can't wait to talk when y'all get back!

  3. WOOHOO! Emma is also just beautiful! So nice to be able to follow your journey, love the pics!

  4. OH Melissa!!! Emme is absolutely darling!!! What a sweet little one! :) Congratulations!!!

  5. So glad to see your precious girl with you! The Lord is worthy to be praised!!

  6. Melissa.....tears of JOY are flowing down my face right now! I am so thankful to God that He has answered prayers and that you are united with your beautiful daughter. I can HARDLY WAIT to meet her. Hugs, love and prayers.

  7. Finally in her momma's arms!!! Love the pictures! Emme is beautiful!!! I just love that last picture! Hope you are having a great time and safe travels to Guangzhou! :)

  8. Oh, Melissa! It is so, so, so, so good to see her in your arms!!!!! Congratulations!!!! I am sad that we missed each other by a week but so thankful that you are there now with your beautiful daughter. We are praying for you, for each step of your journey and for your heart as you absorb all that the Lord has for you while you are there. While we were in China, a wise friend shared with me that she felt that the 2 weeks in China is much like what Mary must have experienced when she had to store up and ponder things in her heart. There is just so much as you visit parts of your child's history and experience her birth country all while you are just focused on caring for her in each moment. I think it will be a long time until we can truly process it all. In the meantime, enjoy your baby girl who is now in her FOREVER Mama's arms. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Much love to you. We will pray you HOME!
    rebekah wright {for all the wrights}