Our 7th Blessing....Waiting in China!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Fruit Bowls and Fire

Here are some pictures of Emme's plane ride to Guangzhou, eating at the McDonald's next to our hotel ( yes, healthy food is available all over the world), at her medical exam for the U.S. Consulate, in our hotel bathroom (she was soo very excited to see the bathtub!) She loves taking a bath!
And the last picture is what the hotel will give you when there is a fire (yes, fire...) It started in our hotel room from faulty lighting. We are now in a new suite...with a huge bowl of fruit. We are thankful Cody was there when it started and everyone is safe! So thankful for everyone's prayers. Emme is doing really well!


  1. Melissa, one seriously cute little girl! She looks like such a big kid at her medical exam. She looks like such a delight.

  2. OH I love the pictures!! Emme will fit right in at the Smith house on loving baths!!! I can't believe you had a fire.. wow.. Glad everyone is safe.. scarey stuff..
    Safe travels on your way home!!!!

  3. What a SWEET photo of you and Emme! So BEAUTIFUL! :) Thankful you are all safe!

  4. I just read your post on RQ about little Emme's tumor and surgery. I will be lifting you, her, and your entire family up to Jesus in prayer. Take courage for her illness is NOT a surprise to Him who created her. He is faithful!

  5. I too just read about Little Emme
    May God give you and your family strength and turn this into a time of healing, love & bonding.
    psalm 23