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Monday, August 27, 2012

Emme Update

Almost 6 months since my last update...I think somewhere in there I fell off the blog mobile. And now there's a new format...so confusing. We have had 5 birthdays in the Smith clan since my last post! One sweet girl FINALLY got to celebrate HER birthday. Emme watched 4 siblings and one Daddy celebrate their birthdays. August the 10th was finally her special day. I asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she turned to her sister and said "What do you ask for when it's your birthday?". Wow...tears. What a blessing to be her Mommy and celebrate her precious life! We have had a great summer, just staying home and not too much running around! Right before the Fourth of July our Neurosurgeon called with Emme's MRI results from June. My stomach hit the floor when I saw the Caller i.d. and knew who was calling....and then I held my breathe for the results. And folks, our mighty God has His hand all over this. The Neurosurgeon said her MRI looked "FANTASTIC"!! F.A.N.A.S.T.I.C. He saw nothing that concerned him. The area he was worried about looked great. What we have seen that appeared to be growing on her head is not showing up in her MRI. She will have another MRI in December and if all looks well we will start the process to get her out of her 24/7 Dinosaur Egg helmet and into a "specially fitted plate for one tiny head" next summer. If things progress differently it will mean another surgery and treatments. Thank you for all those that have been praying for our girl. God has heard and showed up big time! Please continue to lift her up. Emme continues to do well with her adjustment and is speaking in sentences. Parker started Junior High this year and I've really been dreading it. Autism just plain stinks and change can be hard, but he loves it and is doing great. Trevor started Highschool and that means I'm getting old which also kind of stinks, mainly because I don't ever think about aging, but thanks to the whole Highschool thing and having another driver in the family it's all out there. I had two people ask me last week "How OLD are you?" Emphasis on OLD...after they found out Trevor was now in Highschool. So aside from Trevor now being grounded and a mumbled reply, life is good! (Trevor is a great kid and I'm super proud of the young man he is becoming). I do about 17 loads of laundry a day. I make huge quanitities of food for meals. I referee quite a few near wrestling matches. I now drive a big bus. And some nights fall asleep in the clothes I wore all day without brushing my teeth or washing my face. Yes, gross I know. (maybe that's why they asked how OLD I was) BUT I love our chaos! And love our big family. So blessed. Here are a few pics.... Birthday girl
The Highschooler
Free Vacation Tour Guide
Tiny Yo Gabba groupie pondering his next move


  1. Praise God about Emme!People as you how old you are becuase they can't believe that you have a child in highschool because you look so good:) I am so happy for you guys. Our family is getting twice as big but we are still half of you guys. Ha! Why am I stressing out. Thanks for posting.

  2. Wonderful & amazing news!!! Hooray Emme! She looks so happy and beautiful. Blessings to you all!

    Wendy, Carlton & Mia

  3. Melissa~ This is the only way I have to contact you. You had bid on the auction to help the Shaws bring Toby home. It ended Sunday night and you won a couple of items. You won one of the Scarves that is winner's choice and the leather wrap bracelet. We don't show that your donation has been made and so we haven't put you in contact with the appropriate people yet. Your total bid for both items was $50. You can check the winners at www. adoptionbenefit. blogspot. com the paypal to donate to is feet2ourfaith@yahoo.com Blessings and thank you for helping the Shaws!